Item Changes / New Ancient

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Item Changes / New Ancient

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:08 pm

Item Update / Changes
-Summoner Eternal Wings Set (Socketed) has been added to the server
-Rage Fighter Phoenix Soul Set is now a socketed items, 380 option has been removed from the item
-Dark Lord Cross Shield is now a socketed items

New Ancient
Added 11 New Ancient on our server

Dark Wizard - Grand Soul (Alvis's) / Eclipse (Bes's)
Dark Knight - Dark Phoenix (Bragi's) / Black Dragon (Mahes's)
Elf - Divine or Holy Spirit (Frigg's) / Iris (Serket's)
Summoner - Demonic (Elune's)
Magic Gladiator - Thunder Hawk (Tyr's) / Valiant (Apis's)
Dark Lord - Glorious (Surt's) / Dark Steel (Khons's)
Rage Fighter - Piercing Grove (Magni's)


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