Game Master/Moderator application by immanbest

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Game Master/Moderator application by immanbest

Post by immanbest on Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:49 am

Application Questions:
In what server you apply to GM status?
- Here at Crimson MU, I would like to apply as an Event Game Master as well as a Forum Moderator.
What is your name?
- Emman Jan T. Salvaloza

How old are you?
- I'm 18 years old. (Birth date: 12/21/97)

How long have you been GM and where (only server names, no lings allowed)?
- I was an Event GM in Fortress MU for 3 months.

Where are you from?
- Philippines (Las Piñas City)

How long have you been Moderator and where (only server/community names, no lings allowed)?
- I was also Forum Moderator in Fortress MU for 3 months.

How long are you playing Mu Online Season 2?
- I've been playing Mu Online Season 2 for 7 years =)

What languages do you know?
- English / Tagalog / Bisaya

How long can you be online every day?
- I can be online for around 7-8 hours a day. I usually play, from 9:00AM-1:00PM / 9:00PM-3:00AM

Your character name and character information link from webpage
IGN: Catelyn (Dimension Master) / Deuce (Duel Master) / Targaryen (Lord Emperor)

Why do we need accept exactly you?
- You need to accept me as an Event GM here at Crimson MU because, I highly believe that I could contribute to the satisfaction and entertainment of other players. I know that other players
would get bored. They would see the server dull and boring. I'm here to accommodate them especially the foreign players in other country. Our server lacks then number of Event GM, thus making the
players bored of grinding ang PK'ing.

How can you help the server?
- I as a pioneer of this server since day one, could help the server by meeting all it needs. Accommodate to every players question and problem. Give a fair and enjoying playing time at the game. I could also help
the server by advertising it in other places. By recruiting more player, we can have more fun and more people to interact with.

Do you understand that you will help other players and spend your time without any rewards?
- Yes I do.

Your Skype name?
- emmmanbest

Describe some interesting event that you will make in game (no race, find, pk)
"Bring and Find me at!"
- A twist of two events, making the players look for a specific set of item and afterwards, they have to look for the GM at a specific location Smile
"Who's that monster?"
- An event where all the players are to guess which mob I am after I transform; E.g me turning into a budge dragon then the players are to guess which mob am I Smile first one to spell and type it correctly wins
"Boss event
- Players tired of waiting for Kundun, Medusa, Selupan, Maya? Guess what we'll summon them all here at Devias 4 and give everyone a chance to kill and loot some item <3 though it sound fast and easy,
it's one of the events that could pump up the players blood Smile
"Drop and store event"
- Which will you chose? Will you pick it up? Or will buy it in the store?
and last but not the least, "Last Man standing, 2V2 PVP, and 1V1 PVP"
and in the future we'd have more fun and exciting events to put Smile
I can also handle forum/FB events, making our players more active and wanting to play in our server.

That is all thank you CrimsonMU GM team and Admin HadeS =) ☺️


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