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Official Server Info

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:32 pm

Server Start July 30 (12 AM GMT)
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group Page (All Beta Test Updates are posted here):
Server Info:
Exp: x5000
ML: x2000
Drop: 70%
All characters has been adjusted (It is hard to tell if its balance or not)
Freebies 50K WCoins
All characters will start with 5000 add points
All characters can be created at level 1
-Tier 1 Ancient / Season 4 Items / 3rd Wings / Accessories / Buffs / Misc are on CashShop
-No Webshop
-Voting System
-Reset System
-Grand Reset System
-Max Excellent Option: 7 (Full Option)
-Max Socket: 3
-Sphere Max Level: 5 ( You can hunt sphere LvL 1-4 on Vulcanus, LvL 5 Sphere is only obtainable from boss monster)
-Max Stats: 32000
-Max Master Level: 330
-Hot Spots on Lorencia / Noria / Elbeland / Devias / Arena ( 10-20 Monster )
Boss Item Drop / Drop Rate Changes
-Selupan will drop 380 Weapons (Full option / +9 - +13 ), Sphere Level 5, Skills, Bundle of Jewel and Soul
-Kundun will drop 380 Armors (Full option / +9 - +13), Sphere Level 5, Bundle of Creation and Chaos
-Medusa will drop exclusive weapons (Full option +9), Sphere Level 5, Bundle of Guardian and Gemstone, Talisman of Luck and Talisman of Chaos Assembly.
-Aida 2 will have 2 Kundun
-Arena will have 2 Medusa
-Kundun spawn - 4 hours
-Medusa spawn - 3 hours
-Sphere Level 1 - 4 Will drop on Vulcanus, Swamp Peace, Karutan 2
-Sphere Level 5 will on drop from Boss Monster
-Jewels and Gemstone will drop on all Maps
-Icarus has a Higher Jewel Drop Rate
-Karutan 1 - 3 has a Higher Gemstone Drop Rate
Item Update / Changes
-Summoner Eternal Wings Set (Socketed) has been added to the server
-Rage Fighter Phoenix Soul Set is now a socketed items, 380 option has been removed from the item
-Dark Lord Cross Shield is now a socketed items
/evo ( evolve your character )
/reset ( keep stats )
/store wcoins ( sell items for WCoins )
Grand Opening Events
I will give away 5 Tier 2 Set (Your Choice) / 5 Season 4 Set with 3 Socket and Level 3 Seed (Your Choice) / 10 Weapon or Sword (Your Choice) / 5 Gold Fenrir
1st event - I will choose 3 random people on Crimson MU Beta Group Page.
Price - Choose one from the list above
2nd Event Grand Reset
3 Winners from Grand Reset Event (5 Grand Reset Needed)
1st Person to achieve 5 Grand Reset can choose either Tier 2 Set or Season 4 Set
2nd Person to achieve 5 Grand Reset can choose any Season 4 Set
3rd Person to achieve 5 Grand Reset can choose 2 Weapon or Shield
3rd Event Top Voters (3 weeks)
3 Winners from Top Voters Event (You have to on Top 3 for at least 3 weeks)
Top 1 can choose either Tier 2 Set or Season 4 Set
Top 2 can choose any Season 4 Set
Top 3 can choose 2 Weapon or Shield
4th Event Like and Share Facebook Event
I will give the instruction when the event start (July 29 before the grand opening)
5th Event Recruit Event
10 Player Recruit - 10 Pieces Weapons or Shield With 3 Socket and Level 3 Seeds or Gold Pet (Recruited Players & You will receive 10,000 WCoins)
20 Players Recruit - 5 Pieces Season 4 Set With 3 Socket and Level 3 Seeds (Recruited Players & You will receive 30,000 WCoins)
30 Players Recruit - 3 Pieces Tier 2 Sets (Recruited Players will & You receive 50,000 WCoins)

I will be doing IN-Game Events, you can win WCoins / Gold Fenrir / Tier 2 Set / Season 4 Set / Weapon or Shield


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