CrimsonMU Staff Application

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CrimsonMU Staff Application

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:55 pm


Send your application to

We are looking for new Game Masters. we need active staff, who can be online every day, help players, make interesting events in game, answer on questions. We need Game Masters who likes to play Mu Online, has free time and want to help others, people who will not ask for items or coins for helping others.
For now we need English Game Masters & Moderators

Game Master Requirements:
1) Previous Game Master experience
2) Previous moderator experience
3) Experience in playing Mu Online at least 1 years
4) At least 2 languages at communication level (English is mandatory)
5) Good attitude and reputation in the server

If you meet the requirements, you can write your application

Application Questions:
In what server you apply to GM status?
What is your name?
How old are you?
How long have you been GM and where (only server names, no lings allowed)?
Where are you from?
How long have you been Moderator and where (only server/community names, no lings allowed)?
How long are you playing Mu Online Season 2?
What languages do you know?
How long can you be online every day?
Your character name and character information link from webpage
Why do we need accept exactly you?
How can you help the server?
Do you understand that you will help other players and spend your time without any rewards?
Your Facebook name?
Describe some interesting event that you will make in game (no race, find, pk)

In application you need to answer on all application questions, with full sentences.

Application must be written in English.

Game Master will be able:
Able to get full item set on game master character
Use Game Master commands like: /trace, /track, /disconnect, /gmove, /skin and use global chat
Able to reward event winners with items, credits.
Good Luck!


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