Drop Rate / Event Changes

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Drop Rate / Event Changes

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:58 pm

Drop Changes
-Sphere Level 1 - 4 Will drop on Vulcanus, Swamp Peace, Karutan 2
-Sphere Level 5 will on drop from Boss Monster
-Jewels and Gemstone will drop on all Maps
-Icarus has a Higher Jewel Drop Rate
-Karutan 1 - 3 has a Higher Gemstone Drop Rate
Vulcanus / Karutan 2 Monsters now drop Talisman of Chaos Assemby and Talisman of Luck

Event Changes
Blood Castle Reward is now Talisman of Chaos Assembly or Jewel of Harmony Bundle (5 Pcs)
Devil Square Monsters now drop Talisman of Luck and Jewel of Guardian
Illusion Temple now has a higher chance to win Fenrir Pet


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