Update (7/14)

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Update (7/14)

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:30 pm

Big Update
-Our launcher has been fixed, you can now download it.
-Broken Sword has been added to NPC
-To move to crywolf type /move crywolf
-xShop/CashShop has been fixed (Bronze Armor, Ancient Pendant)
-2 handed weapons is now 1 handed ( example: Brova )
-Brova has been added to NPC (Blacksmith)
-Buff from xShop/CashShop has been fixed
-Ancient 2 almost done fixing Very Happy
-Duel System: now it announce who are dueling
-Duel Changes: when you kill your opponent or you died both of you will be warp, so you or the other player has a chance to buff
-Voting Sytem has been Updated
-You can now register on castle siege using our website Very Happy
-To get your max level just switch character and relogin

Please vote every 12/24 hours to advertise our server

-Our forum has been created

Download the manual patch or the launcher to update your client

Next plan
Castle Siege Testing Smile


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